Ep. 7: Ottoman experiences of epidemics

What do the travelogue of an eighteenth-century Ottoman ambassador and the reflections of a seventeenth-century dervish from Istanbul have in common? They both provide precious insights into Ottoman experiences of epidemics at home and abroad,... Read More


The Experiencing Epidemics editorial team:

    Jorge Díaz

    Jorge Díaz Ceballos is a historian of the early modern Spanish Empire. His work deals with the construction of transatlantic political and legal cultures in the early 16th century and the negotiation of power in imperial settings.

      Ian Hathaway

      Ian Hathaway is a historian of the early modern Mediterranean. His research interests focus on the history of mobility, identification, and cross-cultural contact.

        Gašper Jakovac

        Gašper Jakovac is a cultural and literary historian of the early modern period. His research focuses on drama, performance, popular culture, and religious politics in Protestant England.